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Disability Drive
Was set up for all those that suffer from disabilities or long or term illnes
The aim as the owner and being disabled myself was to have a place where we could meet each other
find helpfull articals chat moan and maybee find love.

Please visit and join the main forum to see what disability drive has to offer


Who am i

on Friday

As the tittle says "who I am" this i often wonder.
Lucky me i live a lavish life of aches pains flu like symptoms and one f....d up mind.
All this because I'm gifted with the torment of M.E. & FIBROMYALGIA
What is me
Myalgic Encephalopathy or "ME"
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or "CFS"
Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome or "PVFS"
Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome or "CFIDS"
M.E. (myalgic encephalomyelitis) is a chronic illness that affects many body systems and their functions. The formal term used currently by the medical profession is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). The changes seem particularly to affect the nervous system and immune system, but they also affect other body systems. The illness can cause profound exhaustion, muscle pain, problems with mental function such as memory loss and poor concentration, malaise and other symptoms.
Now i could go on here but I'm not going to, you will get the picture as time goes by.
this is just a small rundown of it i will be posting my life story in several parts and hopefully others will post there stories too.
I never asked to be born, i never asked to suffer this pain. I'm not the only one who suffers my wife and kids suffer with me to witch i feel such heavy guilt. i owe them everything but feel sometimes i can give nothing.

I have just been through this

Hi all i have just recently become very ill again and can no longer work.
So i applied for the benifits as you do.
This is a horrible task, well it was for me
First i recived a letter saying i need to attend a medical, everyone on the sick does from now on, ok fair play but it was 25 miles away in ipswich as i live in suffolk
So i got a lift there then had to walk strugling as i suffer from ME & Fibromyalgia
I took half hour to go about 600yrds. so i go in then have to wait 3 quarters of an hour
feeling like shit before im seen. By the time i go in im exhausted and in pain.
Good thing is the doc could clearly see this and he was very helpfull, he explained what was going on etc.
After about 30 mins it was all over he said we would here from the benifits people.
Sure enough within a few days i got my letter, saying that i was placed in the work related group but with limeted capacity for work, basically means im unfit for work but i have to attend a support group every now and then to see how my illness is effecting me .lol as if im gona recover.
Anyway thats fair enough, what a relief. but no then i get another letter saying i need to see another doctor as part of my work related support so he can tell my support advisor what i can and cant do. what crap is that, gess what i got to go all the way to ipswich again, how fn inconvenient is that, why the first doc couldnt decide that is beyond me and also i find it a wast of time and mony.
The goverment wants to save mony buy geting the sick back to work but at the same time wants to waste it on another doctor lol.
To me this is mad. anyhow i will let you know how the appointment went as its next week.

Employment and Support Allowance - eligibility

You may be able to get Employment and Support Allowance if you have an illness or disability that affects your ability to work. Find out if you might be eligible for the two kinds available.

Who can get Employment and Support Allowance

You may be able to claim Employment and Support Allowance if any of the following apply to you:

    * your Statutory Sick Pay has ended, or you cannot get it
    * you are self employed or unemployed
    * you have been getting Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) and have not gone back to work for your employer because you have an illness or disability which affects your ability to work
    * you are under State Pension age

You must also either:

    * have had an illness or disability which affects your ability to work for at least four days in a row (including weekends and public holidays)
    * be unable to work for two or more days out of seven consecutive days
    * be getting special medical treatment

If you are aged between 16 and 20 (or under 25 if you were in education or training at least three months immediately before turning 20), you must:

    * have been too ill to work because of an illness or disability for at least 28 weeks (this limitation only applies to contribution-based Employment and Support Allowance, but you may still be eligible for income-based Employment and Support Allowance)
    * have been too ill to work before you turned 20 (or 25 if you were in education or training at least three months immediately before turning 20)

READ MORE...[url]http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/DisabledPeople/FinancialSupport/esa/DG_171891[/url]